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Rock Backpack

24,90€ 31,90€

A backpack strong as a rock! It remains discreet but follows the trend ... No need for flashy colors to stay in the moove. Black: a safe bet that goes with everything. With its mineral print that reminds of stones or black marble, this school bag is genderless.
Its two compartments are very convenient to organize all the supplies, in the back, a large compartment for large stuff and at the front, a smaller one with a card holder that can welcome for example a notebook or an agenda. For the rest: more pockets, a small front and a secret pocket in the back of the backpack.
Bodypack cares about the comfort of the users of its backpacks and has developed an innovative system: the Air Flow, which consists of foam padded and breathable back, letting the air flow at the back. The straps are also foamed and reinforced.. Bodypack backpacks are intended for everyday and intensive use. They are also guaranteed for 2 years. Safety side: reflective strips on the shoulder straps but also at the front of the bag so that all those who walk at night are detected by far by drivers. The Product Life Guarantee works with life cycles : preschool products are guaranteed for 3 years, primary school products are guaranteed for 5 years, middle & high school products are guaranteed for 5 years, "Voyage, Reporter, Bolster" products are guaranteed for 10 years, flexible and rigid suitcases are guaranteed for 5 years, Urban and leisure backpacks and sportsbags are guaranteed for 10 years, motorbike bags are guaranteed for 5 years, Business and weekends backpacks are guaranteed for 20 years, and accessories for 2 years. For more information, please contact us..