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Kitten Lunch Bag


A cute lunch bag for little girls in kindergarten aged 3 to 6 years. Adapted to their everyday life in kindergarten, this lunch bag allows you to store most of your child's little things: cuddly toy, snack, notebook and other school diarythat fit easily in the main compartment of this bag shaped little pink and gray kitten.
What little girls will like about this bag: its cat pattern, the little ears protruding, the little fuchsia knot over one eye, the pretty colors and the small polka dot pockets on the sides.
This bag is also at the same time ultra light (230 grams) and resistant (the seams are reinforced and the inside of the bag is doubled, the padded shoulder straps).
You can use this bag both for school, but also for extracurricular outings or trips to the nanny. Fall in love with it and give them a Bodypack lunch bag. ! The Product Life Guarantee works with life cycles : preschool products are guaranteed for 3 years, primary school products are guaranteed for 5 years, middle & high school products are guaranteed for 5 years, "Voyage, Reporter, Bolster" products are guaranteed for 10 years, flexible and rigid suitcases are guaranteed for 5 years, Urban and leisure backpacks and sportsbags are guaranteed for 10 years, motorbike bags are guaranteed for 5 years, Business and weekends backpacks are guaranteed for 20 years, and accessories for 2 years. For more information, please contact us.