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Botanic Backpack


A blue backpack with a pretty floral print for fans of blue and girls always wearing jeans! Easy to associate with everyday clothes, this school backpack has a single and large central compartment to be able to put all the necessary supplies: binders, notebooks, and agenda. The elastic compartment on the back of the bag can also be used to slide your laptop or tablet
Two pockets at the front of the bag to store their personal belongings: phone, keys, transportion card, everything is close at hand. For more comfort, the backs of the Bodypack backpacks are equipped with a breathable foam system, called Air Flow, guaranteeing a comfort of everyday use and a great resistance in the time. The straps are also foamed and comfortable. The design of the bag is thought to be adapted to the morphology of teenage girls : it is more elongated than wide, ideal to sneak into the bus or school corridors. The Product Life Guarantee works with life cycles : preschool products are guaranteed for 3 years, primary school products are guaranteed for 5 years, middle & high school products are guaranteed for 5 years, "Voyage, Reporter, Bolster" products are guaranteed for 10 years, flexible and rigid suitcases are guaranteed for 5 years, Urban and leisure backpacks and sportsbags are guaranteed for 10 years, motorbike bags are guaranteed for 5 years, Business and weekends backpacks are guaranteed for 20 years, and accessories for 2 years. For more information, please contact us.