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White 80l Roller Sportsbag


This 55L sports bag is versatile thanks to its large volume, numerous storage compartments and shoulder straps. Its red, gray and black colors are mixed. In sport mode, we love the breathable compartment for the shoes and the back pocket to slip a racket, a bottle etc. The double shoulder carry as well as the quick and discreet opening with a double closure will be appreciated during trips! Use for all indoor and outdoor sports: tennis bag, football bag, basketball bag, judo bag, gym bag, pool bag, fitness bag ... Technical characteristics of the sports bag 55 L Red and Bodypack Gray: - 1 large compartment: capacity 55 liters Outside: - 1 large closed pocket on the front - 1 closed pocket on the side At the back of the bag: 1 large discreet pocket open on the sides, perfect to slip a sweater, a racket ... Inside: - 2 inside pockets closed to store discreetly portfolio, keys ... - 1 compartment airy shoes - Straps shoulders and shoulder strap (removable and adjustable) Dimensions: 65 ( L) x 32 (D) x 31 (H) cm Weight: 1Kg. The Product Life Guarantee works with life cycles : preschool products are guaranteed for 3 years, primary school products are guaranteed for 5 years, middle & high school products are guaranteed for 5 years, "Voyage, Reporter, Bolster" products are guaranteed for 10 years, flexible and rigid suitcases are guaranteed for 5 years, Urban and leisure backpacks and sportsbags are guaranteed for 10 years, motorbike bags are guaranteed for 5 years, Business and weekends backpacks are guaranteed for 20 years, and accessories for 2 years. For more information, please contact us.