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Dino Trolley Backpack

39,90€ 56,90€

This dinosaur wheeled backpack is inspired by archeology and features bright wheels, removable shoulder straps and a breathable foamed back, because it's perfect for both wheeled bags and backpacks! 2-in-1 bag, convenient for aspiring explorers who want to easily carry their school stuff without getting tired.
Heavy-duty, lightweight materials with a 2-year warranty ensure a foolproof bag throughout the school year.
Illuminated wheels and reflective parts on the front and shoulder straps
Use in a wheeled bag: collapsiblehandle, silent wheels and removable shoulder straps.
Use in backpack: quilted back, foamed straps, concealed handle in a pocket provided for this purpose. And especially a reduced weight to a minimum of 1.5Kg. The Product Life Guarantee works with life cycles : preschool products are guaranteed for 3 years, primary school products are guaranteed for 5 years, middle & high school products are guaranteed for 5 years, "Voyage, Reporter, Bolster" products are guaranteed for 10 years, flexible and rigid suitcases are guaranteed for 5 years, Urban and leisure backpacks and sportsbags are guaranteed for 10 years, motorbike bags are guaranteed for 5 years, Business and weekends backpacks are guaranteed for 20 years, and accessories for 2 years. For more information, please contact us.