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Mascotte Taste Bag Boy

9,90€ 14,90€

Bag boy taste for kindergarten This bag bodypack taste will seduce parents looking for a kindergarten backpack full of originality! Ideal for boys between 3 and 5 years, it can store all his affairs of the day. With its playful design, this backpack for child appeal to all budding pirates to go every morning to the collision of the kindergarten! Its round shape and handle allow the bag to be transported taste very easily by toddlers. Equipped with straps whose dimensions have been designed to fit the size of children 3 to 5 years, maternal backpack is perfectly ergonomic. Thanks to a closure with a dual slider, children can open and close their backpacks independently. The fabric polyester cotton effect used for the design of this bag snack offered a very strong appearance and quality that allow it to withstand everyday use. The interior of this bag taste has also been working to meet the expectations of parents. An inside mesh pocket provides storage and separate business. A slot is also provided inside the bag to write his name and address: ideal not to lose it!