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Pooh Kindergarten Bag


To be like the "big" this binder 28 cm only 400 grams will be the perfect companion for your child. With its fun design mouse-shaped, its large compartment and front pocket you can put all his affairs without your child feel in the weight on his back. Offer fast his schoolbag 28 cm bodypack.
Warranty Product Life operates lifecycle: items from kindergarten guaranteed 3 years, sections of the primary range 5 years warranty, items from the college range & high school 5 years warranty, items from the bag ranges to back "travel reporter, duffel "guarantee 10 years Articles flexible or rigid bags 5 year warranty, urban backpack, backpack leisure sports, sports bag 10-year warranty, backpack motorcycle warranty 5 years, backpack business backpack weekend 20 year warranty, 2years accessories. For more information, contact us.