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S-lide : the backpack that adapts to your kids' growth

Posted on June 19 2019

S-lide : the backpack that adapts to your kids' growth

Children and teenagers grow up (very) fast, we all know that. 

We constantly need to buy them new clothes or shoes that they quickly overgrow. 

Moreover, because of the weight of their bags, more than 33% of children suffer from back problems. 

Another issue comes with backpacks : your teen wants to keep it for next year but they grew so much during summer that it doesn’t even fit anymore. 

Since we are both nice and innovative, we thought about you and created the S-Lide


So what is it ? Simply a technology that makes a backpack adaptive. Thanks to a strap in the back, the bag becomes adjustable on 4 positions to adapt to the child’s morphology. The shoulder straps are also adjustable and foamed, and are made to adjust to the child’s build for maximum comfort. 

Besides, back problems are reduced with this adapted ergonomics ! 


Of course, those bags also have big compartments and several zipped pockets, and the back is also foamed. 

Moreover, all of this comes with trendy and colorful designs and the possibility to subscribe to the Product Life warranty. 


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