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New trolleys : get ready for Back to School !

Posted on June 19 2019

New trolleys : get ready for Back to School !

Back to school is coming up, it’s time to equip the little ones for the big day ! 

Did you know that, on average, a French pupil’s bag weight 8.5kg ? 

Here at Bodypack, we think that it’s a bit heavy for them. Fortunately, some schools have lockers, digital manuals and other solutions preventing kids from carrying to much stuff on their back, but it is still a problem for most. 


To avoid back problems at such a young age, there is a solution : trolley backpacks ! And not just any trolley, some of the lightest on the market.

All our trolleys have big compartments to fit in all books, binders and notebooks, as well as zipped pockets for small belongings. 

Of course, these bags have silent wheels, so no noise in the corridors and for the fun part : they are also luminous. 

Fun indeed, but also safe, especially with the reflective parts on the front of the bag as well as on the shoulder straps : your kid will be visible even at night ! 

Speaking of shoulder straps, they are foamed and adjustable so that the bag can be comfortably worn on the back if necessary. 


And of course, as any good trolley, ours have telescopic rods that allows the bag to be carried everywhere, even if it’s a bit heavy. 

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