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Bodypack, with you during summer too

Posted on June 21 2019

Bodypack, with you during summer too

It is finally officially summer ! 

We don’t know about you, but with the weather here, we weren’t too sure…

Besides, school is over for most and you can celebrate the summer music festival, which always sets a nice atmosphere. 

Congratulations to all of those who took exams, good luck if you’re still at it, here at Bodypack we believe in you and we know you’re going to make it.

For the lucky ones going on holiday, it is not time to put away your bag yet ! Bodypack accompanies you even on holiday, and we have some new things you might like : whether you’re going abroad, to see family or friends or any other summer activity, we have what you need. 

For example, a two-compartments backpack with foamed back and shoulder straps, which would be perfect for a road trip. 


Why not an expandable backpack ? Because we know that wherever we go, we always come back with more things than we left with.


In any case, you can be sure that you will be able to fit everything you need in any of our new backpacks