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Bodypack took off for Vietnam !

Posted on May 01 2019

Bodypack took off for Vietnam !

It is not a dream, our backpacks actually accompany you throughout all your adventures, even to the other side of the world. 


Located on the Eastern coast of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is famous for its unusual landscapes, spectacular mountains, natural parcs and also its heavenly beaches in the bay. This country has a rich and diverse historical heritage, culture and food. Known for its warm and authentic people, our adventurers decided to take with them our brand new USB backpack.
This USB port will allow them to never be out of battery and take all the pictures they want during their incredible trip. 

This new backpack is available in 4 colors and has foamed and adjustable shoulder straps as well as an “Air Flow” for an optimal comfort during your adventures. 

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